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Belated Valentine’s

Hey Tumble-Bees,

As promised, this is a post showing you what I made my beloved for Valentine’s.

Firstly, the card:

Not only is it cute, but that cat looks quite like my real one :p.

For the present, as well as getting Sherlock series 2 (which, of course, is awesome,) I used this tutorial to make teabags! I just thought it was an adorable idea, and I was lucky enough to find some ‘love tea’, that has little sugar hearts mixed in with the loose leaves, that I could fill the bags with.

I made 14 tea bags in total (for the 14th of February) and I had a lot of fun making the tags. They all say “A cuppa…” on the front, and then inside have an occasion to drink them, for example “…to wake you up” or “…for dunking a biscuit in.” I thought it was cute to add a little something to them rather than have plain tags, and I had 7 pink-on-white and 7 white-on-pink to give it some variety. I also made a little set of tags to hang of the string tied round the bag, which you can see above.

The other thing I did differently to the tutorial was that I machine-stitched them together, although I used the handwheel as I’m a bit of a scaredy-cat with the foot pedal. It just meant the tea was less likely to come out, and the heart shape ended up much neater than if I’d hand stitched.

So, since I’m sure you’re eager to see the resulting tea bags, here’s one for you to ogle. As you can see, it’s heart shaped, and has its cute little “A cuppa…” tag:

I hope you like seeing what I made. I highly recommend doing it, it makes for such a cute, personal handmade gift that also has a (very refreshing and tasty!) purpose. Enjoy!

M x

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