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Do not disturb, crafting in progress.


First things first, aren’t you impressed by how regularly I’ve been managing to put new posts up lately? I’ve done one every day since last Thursday, how magnificent! I’ll admit, it’s hugely aided by the fact I learnt how to queue posts, but whatever, I’m still going to claim that it’s me being hugely productive.

Anyway, today’s crafty success… Gift tags! I’ve started early (early for me, anyway…) on my Christmas crafting, and made gift tags to sell on my stall at the craft fair next month (and of course, to anyone who might be interested here on Tumblr - just hit up my ask box!)

So, here’s today’s creations:

Notice how I tried to be artistic in my photographing with some carefully placed scissors, glue and a ruler…

Anyway, I fell in love with the stamp of the polar bear daddy and baby putting lights on a christmas tree, and this was the result. Let’s go in for some close-ups, this time on ones with their strings attached…

That background for that one at the front was actually one I hand-inked. I think I’m going to do more like that, I enjoy choosing what colour the background is going to be. I also love getting to colour in the image, as it means I can choose what colours the lights are, and the scarves and so on. On each one, there’s a single lightbulb in the colour that matches the bears’ scarves. Because I’m a massive geek like that…

One last photo!

This one shows the messages inside, and another hand-inked background. Each gift tag either says “Merry Christmas” or “Christmas Wishes”. I might do some blank ones too. I’m already planning to do more tags with the Me To You bear, Tatty Teddy, on :).

Sorry for the hugely long post, but as you may be able to tell from the photos, I’m rather chuffed with my little gift tags. No doubt I’ll share more photos if when I do make more, as I intend to ready a good supply for Christmas. I also might see if I can be a bit creative and make cards to match… Watch this space! (Boom! Cliché in your Tumblry face!)

Have a good Friday (or whatever day it is for you) folks!

M x

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