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Tumblr Guide Badge Trade #6

A few weeks ago I contacted daisy-under-the-stars asking if we could arrange a trade, and she said yes! It was a great trade and I’m really pleased to have sent some more badges over to the US. My county centenary badge is now in two different states, awesome!

Here’s what I sent:

As you can see, I sent the aforementioned Royal Berkshire centenary badge, plus a Diamond Jubilee badge and a Crystal Palace Maze badge from the centenary. We both like BBC Sherlock, so I did a little doodle at the bottom of my note :).

Here’s what I received:

I love the badges, the detail on the round one is amazing, and the frog on the think green one is adorable. Kira told me all about the badges in her note, which is nice, and she also used an Avengers sticker to close the envelope. Awesome! Plus I finally got the US International forever stamp for my collection, whoo hoo!

All-in-all, a great trade! Thank you for trading with me, Kira, you’re brilliant :).

As always, if you think you might be interested in setting up a trade with me, just get in touch. I am in the UK but happy to trade internationally. I look forward to hearing from you!

M x

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Tumblr Badge Trade #5

Firstly, I must apologise for taking so long to post this. I arranged a trade with dinejam here on Tumblr a couple of months ago, but have only just gotten around to uploading the photos.

So, here’s what I sent:

Here’s what I received:

It’s very cute! Even though she lives in Wales, she is part of Guiding South West England (same as me!) so it was an interesting trade to do. It had never occurred to me before that if you lived near a border, you could join Guiding in a different country! Pretty cool.

Many thanks for trading with me, and helping me get my County centenary badge into another country! If I can find someone in Scotland who wants one, then I’ll have sent one to all of the different component countries in the UK :p.

If you think you might like to trade with me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I will trade with you no matter where you live. Updated pictures of what badges I have available to trade are on my page. I look forward to hearing from you!

M x

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Guide badges available to trade

Edit 1/5/13: Please note that I’ve done an updated list with new pictures. If you want to see what I’ve got available to trade, please look here.

Hey there!

Here’s a quick summary post (with pictures, whooo!) of the Guide badges I currently have available to trade.



These are all the centenary-related badges I have to trade. The black oval one is from the Centenary camp, the round ones are the general celebration ones. Those square ones are for Girlguiding Royal Berkshire, my county, and the big “100” ones are iron-on patches. Edit 5/11/12: The Centenary Camp badge is now gone!



I’ve got badges from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I quite like the fact they’re diamond-shaped; relevant AND unusual. Plus one rectangular “Keep calm and carry on Guiding.” Edit 5/11/12: The Keep Calm badge is now gone, and I only have one Diamond Jubilee one left.



I don’t usually have metal ones so it’s quite exciting to have these to trade. They’re both from the centenary; the round one goes quite well with the round fabric badge in the first photo. The other is just a silver and black “100”. Edit 5/11/12: The round one is now gone! Edit 1/5/13: The other one is also now gone!

I love badge trading, and I’m open to swapping for pretty much any badge. I don’t mind what country you’re in, as long as you don’t mind that I’m in the UK. And I’ll even take duplicates of the same badge if that’s all you’ve got, as I can add those to my trading pile :). If you think you might be interested, get in touch via my ask box. I look forward to hearing from you!

M x

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Guide/Scout Badge Swap: USA

Hello again!

More badge swap photos, this time with a lovely Girl Scout in the good ol’ USA. She can be found here on Tumblr, as ExploreCreateWonder and I know she’s looking for more people to trade with, so if you fancy some nice badges, go and get in touch!

So, here’s what I sent:

I tried to be artistic by adding a trefoil at the bottom of the letter. I’m not sure it succeeded…

What I received:

I really love the fact that I got to send badges from Girlguiding UK’s centenary in 2010, and recieve in return badges from the USA Girl Scout movement’s centenary this year, 2012. The Northern Illinois one is just stunning, and I love the “Year of the girl” motto!

As always, if you think you might be interested in trading badges with me, then just get in touch via my ask box. I don’t bite, honestly! I’m in the UK but I’m happy to trade with any country, whether it’s for one badge or many. I don’t have a huge number available to trade but I will be getting more before the end of this very week, so just get in touch and I’ll be happy to tell you what I have. I look forward to hearing from any potential traders!

M x

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Guide Badge Swap: Canada

Hello there!

A while ago I set up a trade with a lovely Canadian girl here on Tumblr, swapping some Guide/Scout badges. I promised over a month ago (shameful, I know. I would hang my head in shame, but then I wouldn’t be able to see the keyboard to keep typing…) to post the photos, so here they are! Long overdue though it may be…

Here’s what I sent:

(That square Royal Berkshire centenary one seems popular, everyone I’ve done a swap with so far has asked for it! Must see if I can get my hands on some more.)

What I received:

I love the pie-slice-shaped one, but the other two are equally awesome because they’re part of a set, so I now get to enjoy the challenge of trying to collect the other two. If you happen to have them, and think you might like to arrange a swap, then please do get in touch via my ask box :).

I’ll be posting pictures of the swap I did with another Tumble-bee, this time from the USA, soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

M x

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Home again!


I’m back from Germany. Well, I was back from Germany nearly two weeks ago. Now I’m back from being a lazy sod who hasn’t done anything for the last 11 days…

So, some exciting stuff… I just got my badges from the forementioned fellow guider in Canada, so I’ll post a photo soon. I also just arranged a trade with someone in the US, which is amazing, so that’ll be going out soon. It’s so great to get to talk to people around the world and trade badges. As always, if you’re interested, just drop me a message via my ask box. I’ll update my ‘available to trade’ picture soon, since I’ve gotten some new ones since the last picture, but also traded a few away!

In other news, I currently have no backspace key on my laptop, so if any typos get through, blame the fact that deleting them involves pressing a stupid tiny little rubber thingy and it’s just plain impractical >.<

So, I’ll be back soon with photos of the badges and hopefully a new backspace key. Watch this space!

M x

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Guide badge trade: success!

Hey Tumble-bees!

So, a week or so ago, someone messaged me on Tumblr to say they’d seen my post about trading guide badges, and that they wanted to do a swap. Awesome. So, we traded three badges.

Here’s what I sent:

And here’s what I received:

Once again, awesome. It was really fun doing a trade and getting my first Irish badge. I’m also really happy to have received the Our Chalet one, because I’ve never had the opportunity to go there myself, and the Kandersteg one is nice because my lovely and his family went on a big scout trip there last summer.

So, in case you hadn’t gathered, trading badges is awesome. If you have any badges you want to trade, just drop me an ask! From the photo of what I sent, two were badges I only had the one of, but I do still have some of the Royal Berkshire Centenary ones as well as plenty of others to trade. I’m happy to receive pretty much anything, as international or local as you like! Just get in touch and we’ll sort something out :).

Have a fabulous week!

M x

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