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A triumphant return!


Yes, I survived the cold winds of Cambridge and return triumphantly to post on my Tumbly-wotsit. I haven’t yet broken my streak of posting every day, and I hope not to break it for a long time yet!

So, you may have seen the photo I posted on Monday of the new buttons I bought in Cambridge. Here’s a close-up of the four biggest ones, just in case your memory needs jogging…

Pretty, ain’t they? They came from a lovely little shop called CallyCo, they have a website so try searching them in the googletron or summats. I just loved these buttons with the swirls, and although the pinks look the same, these four buttons are actually all different colours, yay!

Enough rambling about buttons. Yesterday I promised I’d put up a clearer photo of the fronts of my finished Tatty Teddy gift tags, so that you could see all the colour combinations.

Well, there we are! I’m really quite pleased with how cute they look. Fingers crossed for customers liking them at the show next month (and fingers crossed for you lot liking them as well…) As I’ve said before, these are for sale :).

I think that’s all I can say for now. As per usual, this is a queued post, so on Wednesday itself when this appears on my Tumbly-wotsit, I will have been out to a new craft shop with mum. I’m hoping to sort out a little crafty supplies package to send my friend in Germany, so I may well have photos of my spoils to share on Thursday!

In the meantime, I hope y’all have a good mid-week.

M x

P.s. Which colour coat do you think Tatty Teddy suits best?

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Finished Tatty Teddy gift tags.

Featuring Tatty Teddy either holding a stocking or snuggled up in a warm winter coat, each hand-coloured image is backed onto either gold, coal or purple card, with stars stamped around and a message on the back. The bottom photos show the two different messages; “Wishing you a very happy Christmas with love from…” and “A special wish from…” (and no, I don’t know why the bottom photo keeps flipping upside down.)

I’m quite pleased with the result. I tried to be arty with my photos and vaguely succeeded but I’ll post another one showing all the different colour combinations another day as you can only see a couple here. Still, pretty chuffed with that day’s work!

These are all for sale :p.

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Massive yay!


I am very happy with what appeared on my Tumbly-wotsit yesterday :). And I shall tell you why.

First, I’ve had two emails from the Tumblr bot informing me of new followers, so hello and hugs* to you! Welcome to the slightly inane ramblings of a mad thing. Second, Stars-of-Paper not only put up the two photos I submitted, but also a post saying thank you to me for submitting them. That really made me smile :). Plus, I’ve had some re-blogs of my recent Mario-themed stars photoset. Usually when I get re-blogs or likes, they’re from fake profiles that really miff me off, but this time actual real people have been liking and re-blogging, so a big thank you and a hug to all those people!

*Existing followers may also have a hug. Hugs may or may not be imaginary and the writer cannot be held responsible for any injuries contracted during the process of followers attempting to claim hugs by embracing their computer.

In other happy news, a friend of mine (a wonderful friend, I might add) came over the other day with a birthday present for me, which had finally arrived after she ordered it on the internet, and it was… *drum roll please* a Badge It! She knows me so well :p. I am currently trying to think up designs because I want to make the best use of it possible but it just makes me smile to have it at all :). Also, my lovely Tumblr-and-real-life-friend Cocodeclaire gave me Crobots, a book with patterns for crocheting tiny robots, so I’m currently working on learning to crochet. The patterns are nothing short of awesoooome.

Alsoooo (This is becoming a rather long post, my apologies :p) I have been working on making gift tags with Tatty Teddy on, as I mentioned a coupl’a days ago. I’ve got the images stamped out, coloured, and carefully cut out, but I still need to make the gift tag bit, stamp the messages, add string and so on. Still, at least progress is being made!

I think I’d best stop rambling about now, before you fall asleep on your keyboard, or, worse, decide to stop reading altogether! Gasp.

But one last thank you to new followers, and for that matter, anyone following me. I love that you exist! I hope I can continue to give you reason to read my posts :).

And, just for you, have a hug. Only, read the disclaimer up there ^ first, I don’t want to be sued when you get a key or an on button embedded in your eye…

M x

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Do not disturb, crafting in progress.


First things first, aren’t you impressed by how regularly I’ve been managing to put new posts up lately? I’ve done one every day since last Thursday, how magnificent! I’ll admit, it’s hugely aided by the fact I learnt how to queue posts, but whatever, I’m still going to claim that it’s me being hugely productive.

Anyway, today’s crafty success… Gift tags! I’ve started early (early for me, anyway…) on my Christmas crafting, and made gift tags to sell on my stall at the craft fair next month (and of course, to anyone who might be interested here on Tumblr - just hit up my ask box!)

So, here’s today’s creations:

Notice how I tried to be artistic in my photographing with some carefully placed scissors, glue and a ruler…

Anyway, I fell in love with the stamp of the polar bear daddy and baby putting lights on a christmas tree, and this was the result. Let’s go in for some close-ups, this time on ones with their strings attached…

That background for that one at the front was actually one I hand-inked. I think I’m going to do more like that, I enjoy choosing what colour the background is going to be. I also love getting to colour in the image, as it means I can choose what colours the lights are, and the scarves and so on. On each one, there’s a single lightbulb in the colour that matches the bears’ scarves. Because I’m a massive geek like that…

One last photo!

This one shows the messages inside, and another hand-inked background. Each gift tag either says “Merry Christmas” or “Christmas Wishes”. I might do some blank ones too. I’m already planning to do more tags with the Me To You bear, Tatty Teddy, on :).

Sorry for the hugely long post, but as you may be able to tell from the photos, I’m rather chuffed with my little gift tags. No doubt I’ll share more photos if when I do make more, as I intend to ready a good supply for Christmas. I also might see if I can be a bit creative and make cards to match… Watch this space! (Boom! Cliché in your Tumblry face!)

Have a good Friday (or whatever day it is for you) folks!

M x

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