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Christmas present follow-up

Hey Tumble-Bees,

You may recall this photo I posted back in December:

This pile of crafty things, once I added some ink pads, card blanks, an acrylic stamp block and special scissors, made up my Christmas present to a friend in Germany. I remember saying at the time that I hoped she’d like it!

Well, last week I recieved this lovely thank you card in the post:

As you can see, she used the cat stamp, the edges were cut using the special scissors, and inside there’s another cat, this time using the pink shrink plastic I sent.

The stripey ribbon was also part of the parcel I put together. I really like the card she made out of everything. She even used some of the Blue-Nosed-Friend stickers on the envelope, but I haven’t taken a picture as it has addresses on.

I’m really glad she liked the present, and I hope you like what she did with it. Now I just have to worry about her birthday next month…

Oh, and by the way, that sore throat I couldn’t get rid of for the past week? Went to the Doctor’s today and it turns out I have tonsilitis. Time for some antibiotics and a lot more staying in bed!

M x

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Anyone for cards?

As promised, Tumble-Bees, photos of a Christmas present I crafted for my loved one, packaged in a box dad didn’t want any more. I actually ended up with 53 reasons as I made the front and back cover out of the joker cards and put an extra reason on the last joker. My original list was even longer, though, so I was pleased I managed to cut it down enough to fit.

This photo is an example of an individual card and particularly fitting this week as, ever since I woke up with a high temperature on Sunday, the recipient of this Christmas gift has looked after me wonderfully, snuggling me up in bed when I was cold, making sure I take enough medicine (but not too much, as I tend to automatically take 2 tablets without checking if they’re double doses or not…) and dosing me up with lots of honey & lemon.

The only thing he’s struggled with is the sore-throat-induced snoring :p. He could hear it as he came up the stairs this morning (bringing me breakfast in bed <3) and recorded it on his phone as he knew I wouldn’t believe him. It’s awful >.<

Anywho, that’s plenty enough rambling. See you next time!

M x

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Hey Tumble-Bees…

Yes, I know. My head is already hung in shame. That little haitus over Christmas lasted waaay longer than it was supposed to. I mean, technically, I’ve kept my promise of posting before New Year, but not really. After a month and a half of daily posts I am ashamed of myself for going nearly a whole week without even one >.<

Buuuuut… I am going to go on a photo-taking spree after I put this post up. I’ve already got a photo of my stall from the craft fair a fortnight ago to share with you, and I thought I’d photograph some of the leftover stock.

I finally sold my first pair of earrings yesterday, whoop whoop! But everything else I have left is still for sale. I’m seriously wondering what the best way to sell it is… Being in England makes Etsy difficult as it’s so focused on the American market, and Folksy’s (the English version of Etsy) listing and sale charges are a little higher than Etsy. Ideally I’d like to be selling via my Tumbly-wotsit, but nobody on here has asked to buy anything yet *sniff sniff*. Sad times.

Still, I shall keep bombarding you with posts of the stuff I’ve made and maybe eventually someone will want to buy something :p.

That’s probably quite enough rambling for now, so I’ll go on the photoing (is that a word?) spree now.

Happy new year, by the way. Enjoy the last day of 2011! Unless, like me, you’ll be stuck at work for half of it…

See you in 2012!

M x

p.s. What outlet do you think I should use to sell my crafty creations?

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Hey Tumble-Bees,

Argh indeed. I’ve been busy attempting to tidy my room and it’s just not going well. No matter how much stuff I chuck out, it doesn’t look any better. It’s going to take ages to make look respectable.

In other news, the Christmas Fayre last week went well, I sold a couple of candles and owls. No earrings though, so I needn’t have worried about the headpins. I even sold some gift tags :).

I think my post-every-day stint is finally going to end this weekend because I just don’t have anything new to put up. Time for a Christmas haitus I think. I’m going to be busy with family things and whatnot, and I’m sure you all will be too, so a couple of days can’t hurt.

So, merry Christmas to all of you, or if you don’t do Christmas, then happy December. I won’t say happy new year just yet, I’m sure I’ll manage a post or two in between the holidays :p.

See y’all in a few days!

M x

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