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Tumblr Badge Trade #4

Hey there!

Some photos from my latest Guide/Scout badge swap, again arranged through Tumblr. Their page can be found here: Read-Outside. (I’m never sure if people are happy for me to post their first name or not, so I think I’ll stick on the safe side with just posting links!)

Here’s what I sent:

A metal Girlguiding UK centenary badge, and three cloth ones: Centenary Camp, Keep Calm and Carry on Guiding and Diamond Jubilee.

Here’s what I received:

I had to include the note because that handwriting is just beautiful! The badges are: 2 from the Girl Scout Council of Colonial Coast and two different Girl Scout Centennial ones. As I’ve said before, I am happy to trade for doubles as they can go in my trading pile.

It was wonderful to set up a swap again, especially as I also received one of the sets of Disney stamps I’ve been longing for, as an extra suprise that just made my day.

If you think you might like to trade, just get in touch via my ask box. Don’t worry, I don’t bite! If you want to see what I’ve got available, here’s my latest post with photos (although of course some are gone now, as they’re the ones photographed above!): Guide Badges to Trade.

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