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Guide badges available to trade

Edit 1/5/13: Please note that I’ve done an updated list with new pictures. If you want to see what I’ve got available to trade, please look here.

Hey there!

Here’s a quick summary post (with pictures, whooo!) of the Guide badges I currently have available to trade.



These are all the centenary-related badges I have to trade. The black oval one is from the Centenary camp, the round ones are the general celebration ones. Those square ones are for Girlguiding Royal Berkshire, my county, and the big “100” ones are iron-on patches. Edit 5/11/12: The Centenary Camp badge is now gone!



I’ve got badges from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I quite like the fact they’re diamond-shaped; relevant AND unusual. Plus one rectangular “Keep calm and carry on Guiding.” Edit 5/11/12: The Keep Calm badge is now gone, and I only have one Diamond Jubilee one left.



I don’t usually have metal ones so it’s quite exciting to have these to trade. They’re both from the centenary; the round one goes quite well with the round fabric badge in the first photo. The other is just a silver and black “100”. Edit 5/11/12: The round one is now gone! Edit 1/5/13: The other one is also now gone!

I love badge trading, and I’m open to swapping for pretty much any badge. I don’t mind what country you’re in, as long as you don’t mind that I’m in the UK. And I’ll even take duplicates of the same badge if that’s all you’ve got, as I can add those to my trading pile :). If you think you might be interested, get in touch via my ask box. I look forward to hearing from you!

M x

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