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Guide badge trade: success!

Hey Tumble-bees!

So, a week or so ago, someone messaged me on Tumblr to say they’d seen my post about trading guide badges, and that they wanted to do a swap. Awesome. So, we traded three badges.

Here’s what I sent:

And here’s what I received:

Once again, awesome. It was really fun doing a trade and getting my first Irish badge. I’m also really happy to have received the Our Chalet one, because I’ve never had the opportunity to go there myself, and the Kandersteg one is nice because my lovely and his family went on a big scout trip there last summer.

So, in case you hadn’t gathered, trading badges is awesome. If you have any badges you want to trade, just drop me an ask! From the photo of what I sent, two were badges I only had the one of, but I do still have some of the Royal Berkshire Centenary ones as well as plenty of others to trade. I’m happy to receive pretty much anything, as international or local as you like! Just get in touch and we’ll sort something out :).

Have a fabulous week!

M x

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